Five Major Blessings

Hey everyone, I've been so lazy I know, for the third post for this blog after so long, just that I've been thinking who would want to read anything about me really? There's nothing so interesting really, but something strikes me today and I needed a medium to write down my thoughts. 

For those who have known me for a while, whether you followed me on Instagram or be friended me on Facebook, you know I've posting bout my relationship and how blessed I am and came out a little braggy to some of you (I know). Haha :) I'm sorry for that. 

Anyway, a lot of things been going on for the past few months, my DIY works, all the traveling, holidays, then the whole final semester, dissertation, assignments and upcoming exam, and I can't believe it's November already and I'm IN MY FINAL SEMESTER (which I'm really happy about). I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, of the whole life, future path kind of thoughts. Pretty troubled I must admit, not mess up yet at the moment. 

I actually wanted this post to be about something really special that I wanted to share today, but I guess I actually have more than that to share. So let's just this be how blessed I was for the past few months yea (you can skip this part if you followed me on Instagram or Facebook of course, as I've posted it like a million times. 

Blessing #1 
I've always wanted to visit the UK and Europe again as my last trip was like seven years ago, imagining how much things has changed and such. Then yes, I got my chance for my sister's graduation. I took a transit flight for the first time as I've only traveled in a direct flight previously with my parents :) So the route was KUL > DUBAI > LONDON, spent three days in London then took a four hours train to Edinburgh, Scotland and then took a flight to Prague, Czech Republic then back to Edinburgh (Let me know if you would like to read a blog for this whole trip). Just some pictures to share :) I had great fun this trip, seeing so many different things, beautiful scenery but I must say I miss Malaysia so so so much and just can't wait to go back! 

Blessing #2
I finally got my dream purse, Chanel! Nuff said! :) It was an anniversary gift for the special one! :) Yay!

Blessing #3
Spent anniversary in Bangkok, where I get to shop like superstar, imagine when you asked bout the price and in your heart, you were like, WOW, I want it all please, that kinda of feeling :) if you want me to blog about this trip too, let me know, but mostly I am only able to share with you where to go for shopping craze, cause that's all I did when I was there. But big credit to the Superman the entire trip ❤️

Blessing #4
My sister went to Macau after her graduation and flew back to Malaysia for two weeks the flew back there to attend a wedding dinner where she let me tag along (something about my birthday trip). I had fun, even though it was my third trip there. Just felt super love when I was there, but not too much of details about that yea, haha ❤️ My sister brought me for fine dining, high tea, sight seeing, shopping in both Macau and Hong Kong ❤️ I took a lot of really nice pictures when I was there because my sister is a really good photographer, she makes me very pretty, in pictures haha ❤️ For this, thanks sister!

Blessing #5
My birthday, MY BIRTHDAY! For the first time in my life, I received a bouquet of 100 roses, super huge, super heavy, and super loving it, and YES THANKS TO MY SUPERMAN TOO! and yes not forgetting my Hello Kitty chocolate cupcakes! He brought me for a special dinner in Cantaloupe with my family presence and he just walked in with the flower, all dressed up in shirt and the Maroon colour blazer I bought for him, and my family thought he was going to kneel down and propose to me. But hey, not so soon alright. Haha ❤️ 

These are the five major blessing that happened to me for the past few months while not blogging, it was super amazing, and I couldn't thank god enough for all that I was showered upon, all those love, all those wonderful people surrounding me. I'm not being braggy about things that happened to me and I want all of you to know that I have experienced my fair share of struggle in life in years before, maybe just maybe I will blog about it someday, if you are interested to know :) 

Something really special happened to me this month, nothing about any special or expensive gift but enough to earn one title of blog post itself. Click next if you would like to read about it :) 

Thanks for reading this really long blog post, again, I'm not being braggy, I'm just sharing my happiness though I felt I do not deserve so much of it sometimes, but I'm still counting my blessings everyday, being appreciative every single moment in life.



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