What Defines Me?

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog, rather awkward as I am typing, deleting, typing and deleting the first sentence itself, but I need to start somewhere, somehow. So here it is, took another step to start this blog, to share my passion for DIY and fashion. So before I go on further, let me just do a brief introduction of myself based on the 5W's :) 

  Who am I? 
My name is Amnesty Ding, not young but let's not reveal my age here (message me in private if you really want to know, haha). Holds a Diploma in Mass Communication, works several years as an Events Executive and graduating from a Business in Management degree end of this year. Currently 'still' living a student life and have a great passion over Denim DIY which I am very lucky to have my very small brand called Amn'd.s. Not exactly a very creative person as what people think I am though, totally zero knowledge in art :p

What I do? 
Some called me a designer, some said I am talented, but honestly, I do not consider myself anywhere near that at all, I am just a DIY-er, perhaps quite a perfectionist kind of DIY-er. I DIY different things, but my forte is in DIY Denim. I revamped any denim I can grab hold on and revamped them into something different (definitely beautiful in my eyes, not sure what you would say). Hover over to left top of my page if you would like to see more of my creation :)

When did it take place? 
It all started when I purchased one really ugly looking DIY shorts that looks nth like the pic I enquired on, yes I said it, it's 'UGLY' and seriously awful, but because I really like the design I enquire on (the picture they posted up), I decided maybe I should give it a try myself, which turns out to be everything I wanted :)

Where did it take place? 
Based in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. 

Why did it happen? 
I wanted to say passion is why it all happened but honestly, the real reason of why it first started is because I was on my reeeaaalllllyyyyy loooonnngggg summer break, and I needed to find something to do :) Which then turn in passion and everything just build on from there to where I am today. It was known as Pretty Cool DIY Denim when it first started which then it was changed to something simple upon collaboration with my sister, to something that represents me (truthfully, I just get comments that Pretty Cool DIY Denim sounds crappy, oohhh well). Brief on how I get the idea of that name, it was when I needed to register a name for my FB account and I was thinking I DIY Denim, and it's pretty cool idea, hence 'Pretty Cool DIY Denim'. Oh-kay, I know that's a work from a really lazy person, LOL.

My partner a.k.a. my very pretty sister, Doreen Ding :) Picture do the talking :)
All the credits for the whole blog layout goes to her and I am dummy when it comes to this kind of thing, so if you want to hire someone to design a blog layout for you, look for my sister k, not me...haha :)

 So yeah, that's what I do, and NO, don't get me wrong, I started this blog not to sell my DIY, but is to share my passion for DIY as an individual. I love what I do, and I hope I could share with more people of my creations.

I am made out of a few things other than passion for DIY, which sums up as below: 
 - Life journey wasn't exactly smooth sailing to achieve what I have today.

- Shopaholic, but I buy only what represents me I did mention fashion, but I am nothing like those really cool chick who shares really great view in fashion industry like what's the current trend or any high fashion related kind. I love to dress up, my bf thinks I wear weird things, and I do get stares when I was out, but I guess every individual need to have their own distinctive style that represents them right? I love everything cool, chic and rock, definitely nothing girly or floral on me. But who knows where will the future leads me to.

- Very much blessed in life as I have a really supportive family, very loving boyfriend and blessed in every other things in life.

It's impossible for me to sum everything about me in one post, but basically that's me in brief, perhaps when I get this moving on further, you will learn a lot more about me through my blogs. This blog will be mixture of my passion for DIY, LIFE, RELATIONSHIP, and FASHION. 

 Last but not least, my bf plays a very important role in my life, the reason I mentioned him is because he is the one who supported me when the world rejected the whole idea. He plays a very big role in both my life and passion for DIY (tho he would call himself the shareholders with no dividends).

I never call my DIY page as a business page, all I really wanted is to share my passion for DIY with everyone who appreciates them and I am grateful and very thankful that I met so many (like really many) awesome people along the way. They have no idea how their supports keeps me moving and be better in what I do (love love love love love all of you, from the bottom of my heart).

So yeah, that's what defines me, I will try to make this blog not so boring and if I do, pls do tell me :)

I am writing not to gain 100000 readers, I am writing for that few of you that said would like to read more of what I do, and who I really am. You girls are the reason that pushed me forward. 
Thank You! :)

 Thanks for reading awesome people! :) 



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